"Run Through"
Locomotive Maintenance Shed
With or Without Realistic
Welding Effect
and Interior LED Lighting
With hinged doors at both ends to
allow run through service
Modeled after a structure found at Rock Island's Oklahoma city
facility in the 1970s. This kit offers the hobbyist a real focal point for
their layout. Available with or without interior lighting and realistic
welding effect.

This detailed scale model kit is made of injection molded styrene.
Parts are molded in 2 colors. Hinged doors at both ends of the
structure can be opened and closed, and allow for "Run Through
Service". 8 Skylights and 6 windows show off the Welding effect
and Interior lighting. The structure fits over most straight track

A custom built circuit randomly flashes LEDs as if really welding.
Including longer and shorter welds and varying time between welds.
The circuit is held to the side wall by a clear circuit protector to
keep it out of the way. Also included is interior lighting provided by
long lasting LEDs that are mounted in special light bars that hold
the lights in realistic locations. HO scale has 2 LEDs and N scale
has 1.

Wiring the electronics is made easier because both the welding
circuit and the LED lighting have built in bridge rectifiers. This
means you do not have to worry about positive or negative leads
just make sure you have the correct voltage, hook up the wires and
you're done. The welding circuit works with 7-20 volts D/C and 6-14
volts A/C (12 volts A/C or D/C is Recommended ) the voltage can
be increased to 14-24 volts A/C or 20-24 volts D/C by using the
supplied resistor. The LED lighting can be used with 7-19 volts A/C
or D/C.

HO scale, approximately 9 " long 3 " wide and 3" tall
N scale, approximately 5 1/8" long 2 1/8" wide and 1 ' tall
Clear instructions are supplied. Only average modeling skills are
needed for assembly.
Intended for ages 14 and up.