Flashing Red Water Tower LEDís

These Flashing Red Water Tower LEDs come Fully
Assembled with a super compact full wave Bridge
Rectifier, a capacitor, and a dropping resistor, all shrink
tubed and ready to use with 14" of insulated wire. This
means you can connect these LEDs to any track power
source: AC DC or DCC. They will work great with 7-19
Volts of Power, or a 9V or 12V battery.

These Flashing LEDs will work with most Water towers
and are available in 3mm and 5mm diameter sizes. Just
drill the proper hole and insert the LED.
Intended for ages 14 and up.

3mm Flashing Red Water Tower LEDís Stock # 4903
Price $ 9.99

5mm Flashing Red Water Tower LEDís Stock # 4905
Price $ 9.99

The LED's look clear
but Flash Red